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Mangia Mangia Restaurant Reviews
You could easily drown yourself in Marinara at Mangia Mangia, but keep an eye on the beloved restaurant's daily specials and you'll find all manner of Sicilian favorites. Look for the bucatini with roasted cauliflower, pine nuts and raisins that hews as closely to North Africa as it does to the Italian coast. Or opt for the swordfish with grilled eggplant that's dressed with bright, acidic citrus.

When you walk in, the smell of garlic makes your mouth water. One of the two Sicilian brothers greets you at the door. The place is a typical mom and pop restaurant, nothing too flashy other than the flat screen playing tour videos of Italy.

Donít miss this one-of-a-kind, authentic Italian restaurant, owned and operated by two brothers from Sicily. Giuseppe and Pietro Cefalu have been making waves in Huntington Beach for years now. While the setting and the site are casual, the food is classic Italian and the service warm and friendly.

The Cefalus proudly serve only the freshest seafood (selected daily), an array of pastas with mouthwatering sauces, as well as signature eggplant dishes and a famous calamari fritti. This bustling favorite with locals is sure to please. Reservations are recommended for parties of four or more.

After culinary school in Italy, the Cefalu brothers worked in the restaurant industry for years, Pietro as Head Chef of some of the finest restaurants in Italy. In the early 1980's the brothers brought their authentic Italian cuisine to America, Giuseppe working on the West Coast, until finally opening Mangia Mangia in 1987.

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